We generate content, Improve your Google/Bing ranking, Improve your site structure, Increase your backlinks and promote your website. We can target your site to rank for specific keywords.  To help grow your business online, SEO Hampshire is broken into three complimentory service types. Technical SEO, Analytical SEO & Creative SEO. 

A digital agency, working to improve sites infrastructure, keyword targeting, focus, relevancy, user engagement and goal completion.  We create shareable content that will make your brand stand out.

If You Want To Increase Your Websites Search Traffic, Start Now

Steve will scan your website and provide you with a no obligation, free search engine optimisation analysis.


How many agencies, told you that you need an Adwords budget?  ‘Adwords’ has its place especially so in the ‘Display Network’ however SEO-Hampshire primary focus is towards targeted, long term organic growth.  

An increase in traffic doesn’t necessarily mean additional sales.  An increase in the right traffic can make a big difference.

Technical SEO

Site speed, meta tagging, integrations and ensuring identified keywords are indexed in Google

Steve - Technical Services

The first step in any SEO project, is laying solid foundations for growth, introducing Steve.

Analytical SEO

Data analysis to measure results, improve conversions and identify opportunities

Eric - Analytical Services

Interpreting the data, Identifying ranking opportunities, lowering bounce rates, improved conversions. Introducing Eric.

Creative SEO

Creating relevant content with a view to improve user visit durations and goal conversion.

Olivia - Creative Services

A complete creative and production solution including Copywriting, Video’s, Animation, Motion Graphics, Design and more.  Introducing Olivia

Do I Need SEO? Answers to questions you may have.

Yes, SEO is necessary. We live in a world of the internet of things. Everything is becoming increasingly connected. One of the main tasks of search engine optimization is to make your site equally convenient and understandable for both users and search engines.

Despite the fact that search engines are constantly improving and developing, they are still unable to perceive sites in the same way as a person would.

Is SEO worth the investment, for small businesses?

The better question to ask is what is the value of my keyword click if running a PPC Campaign.

PPC Keyword clicks vary wildly depending upon the industry your in. Finance and mortgage lending PPC clicks can be as high as £50 whereas local businesses average around £0.50 to £2.00.

When you are receiving an organic click for your targeted keyword, you are in effect adding the same fiscal value to your business.

Is SEO worth the investment”

Read the full “Is SEO worth the investment” FAQ

If you pay for an SEO service, SEO Costs in the UK are normally £250-1000 a month for small to mid sized companies.  Hourly SEO rates for freelancers and agency range between £35 and  £120 per hour.

Read the “How much does SEO cost in the UK?” faq.

Just about everyone in the SEO space will run off a free SEO audit.  We do too,  and like to think are a bit better because we dig a little deeper reading data from multiple sources, we score your UX and look at the source code as well.  Book Your Free Hour of SEO Now – One-hour Free Technical analysis for SEO 

Following an audit, we will be able to see precisely where we need to make changes to your site.

We perform some keyword research to improve upon your headers if possible and run through the fixes one at a time.     Each time you see an update report you will see the value in your investment by watching the percentages go up.

This image shows the ongoing technical work for this website (Feb 10 2020).   At this time only one problem remains to be resolved within the site structure.

SEO-Hampshire SEO Audit

Most clients tell us they love seeing these reports, particularly the improvements graph.  Since they indicate we have been busy and instantly highlights the impact of our improvements.

The time it takes for Tech-SEO to be completed?

The duration of time needed to implement the suggested changes can vary depending upon the type of website (HTML, Drupal, WordPress) and the amount of content which needs updating.

For new clients on a monthly SEO plan,  we may sometimes do a code sprint, batching 2 or 3 months of allocated time into a couple of days.   For your business to grow online the foundations have to put in.  This is technical SEO!

The Time It Takes For SEO To Start Working?

A golden question. And the answer is that it depends.  So what are the influencing factors?

  • How long your website has been around?
  • How much SEO has been done on your site already?
  • What shape is the website in?
  • How much content is on the website?
  • How competitive is the sector yours in?
  • and many more.

No two websites are ever starting from the same point, even if they’re in the same industry and competing for the same customers.

However, here is a reasonable assessment for what your SEO efforts might look like during the initial months, and the results you might expect. 

Yes we develop our own children’s brand called the BoodleBobs we will be posting additional bedtime stories & podcasts throughout 2020, the BoodleBobs website is multilingual and the stories/pages are available in English, Spanish & Hindi.

Animation & Motion Graphics Show reel (Long Version) 

Brand communication for your business. Animation, motion graphics, creative content.

When most of your animation work to date is predominantly children’s cartoons. Choosing the perfect track is difficult.  Somehow the contrast in lyrics and the editied animation works.  Thank you Sleaford Mods ‘Official version of TCR’ !

Featured Projects

We work for a wide range of clients and do a variety of projects – from website design with Drupal & WordPress, web hosting, search engine optimisation and content creation.

Goldtrack - 1 day per month digital growth client - seo Hampshire

Goldtrack –

Built in Drupal, Goldtrack is a trackdays booking portal for race circuit driver experiences at Silverstone and other circuits. Goldtrack services

☑️ Web design, Hosting & maintenance
☑️ Integration with booking payments systems
☑️ Content creation
☑️ Performance & SEO
☑️ Video production

What we do with BoodleBobs - SEO Hampshire

BoodleBobs –

BoodleBobs are a set of 26 Childrens books which are being converted in to animation, podcasts and downloadable ebooks.

☑️ Web design, Hosting & maintenance
☑️ Multilingual site, English, Spanish, Hindi
☑️ YouTube channel management
☑️ Performance & SEO
☑️ Animation & content creation

Technical Optimisation Performance & Machine Interpretation